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Endowments Hruska Institute

Roman L. Hruska Institute for the Administration of Justice

Senator Romal L. HruskaAbout the Institute

The Roman L. Hruska Institute for the Administration of Justice was established in 1995 to "educate lawyers, law students, and the public-at-large in Nebraska to the importance of the administration of justice, particularly at the federal level through the conduct of symposia or lectures." In planning the symposia or lectures funded by the Institute, a special effort is made to reflect the issues and activities to which Senator Roman L. Hruska devoted his professional and Congressional career.

The Institute recognizes the career of the late Senator Hruska who served as United States Senator for Nebraska from 1954 to 1977, and who participated prominently in efforts to enhance the administration of justice in the Federal Courts. His contributions to the law include many of the crime control reform acts of the 1970's.

The Hruska Institute is a joint effort of the Nebraska State Bar Foundation, the University of Nebraska College of Law, and the Federal Bar Association.

Since the Institute was established in 1995, it has hosted the following distinguished presenters:
  • 1996 - Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, United States Supreme Court
  • 1998 - Justice Stephen G. Breyer, United States Supreme Court
  • 1999 - Judge Robert Bork, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia
  • 2006 - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, United States Supreme Court
  • 2009 - Justice Michael D. Kirby (Retired), Australian High Court
  • 2011 - Justice Clarence Thomas, United States Supreme Court
  • 2014 - Chief Justice John D. Roberts, United States Supreme Court

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