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Law-Related Education

Law-Related Education

Law-Related Education (LRE) is defined as "education to equip non-lawyers with the knowledge and skills pertaining to the law, the legal process, and the legal system, and the fundamental principles and values on which these are based." (Law-Related Education Act of 1978). As such, it is provided for adults as well as for youth. However, one of its greatest benefits is the positive effect it can have on at-risk youth who have an opportunity to interact constructively with resource persons and pro-social adults.

More generally, LRE seeks to help youth become citizens who contribute positively to their communities through the development of beliefs and values that support and underlie the rule of law, in addition to obtaining the necessary LRE knowledge and skills.

The Nebraska State Bar Foundation, through its State Center for Law-Related Education, sponsors the Nebraska High School Mock Trial Project, Reaching the Age of Majority booklet, and various Law Day celebration activities as wells as newly emerging LRE programs and projects.

Age of Majority Booklet
- impressing upon thousands of students annually their rights and responsibilities as adults in a free society
A committee of attorneys, college professors, government agency personnel, and others annually review this free booklet. Volunteer lawyers also make classroom presentations.
Constitution Day - helping our students appreciate this historic and important document
Law and Learning Newsletter - updating educators, lawyers, and judges on LRE at the state and national levels
Law Day Celebration - encouraging educational activities that help students better understand the role of courts in our democracy. Law Day is celebrated in partnership with local bar associations in various communities throughout the state on or near Law Day, May 1.
Law Day Job Shadowing - giving students an up-close look at careers in the law
Legal professionals coordinate and act as hosts.
Mock Trial - involving over 1,000 students and over 55 teachers statewide annually
More than 400 legal professionals serves as coaches and judges.
Teen Parents and the Law - guiding and encouraging teen parents
This program involves a variety of legal professionals as "pals."
We the People - engaging over 1,000 students annually
Congressional representatives, attorneys, and journalists serve as coaches and judges for this program of study on the U.S. Constitution.
You the Juror Orientation Video - informing members of the public on their responsibilities while serving on a jury



Law-Related Education