Nebraska State Bar Foundation

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Members are the source of the Foundation's success. The Foundation is dependent upon its members for support. Fortunately, through the members' generous financial support, the Foundation is able to reach its goals. Other than rental income, the Foundation's sole source of income is derived from the voluntary gifts of our members. There are different levels of membership available to give all donors an opportunity to financially support the Foundation.


Membership through nomination to become a Foundation Fellow is a prestigious honor and one that is bestowed annually on 30 lawyers. The Foundation Fellows have the privilege of nominating the new class of Fellows. The Fellows Selection Committee reviews all nominations and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for a final decision.

Selection to become a Fellow is based on the following: 1) The integrity and character of the individual, 2) Established lawyer who is dedicated to improving the administration of justice and licensed to practice law in Nebraska, 3) A leader of the legal profession recognized by colleagues, 4) The degree to which the individual has contributed to the Foundation and 5) Geographical representation. At the Fellows Dinner, the new Fellows Class is formally inducted into the Foundation.

Fellows pledge a gift of $2,500 to the Foundation that may be paid in either a lump sum or $500 per year for a five-year period. An alternative for Fellows is to commit to a $3,000 pledge that may be paid over a ten-year period at $300 per year. Fellows sometimes choose to pay their pledge by giving stock to the Foundation.


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