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News Links to Constitution Day Resources Now Available

Links to Constitution Day Resources Now Available


This year, Constitution Day, September 17, comes on a Saturday. So, the Bar Foundation is suggesting a celebration on Friday, September 16. To assist teachers and school administrators in preparing for this annual event, the Foundation has posted a listing of Constitution Day Classroom Resources on its website at

Each year, the Bar Foundation and Supreme Court staff travel to a different Nebraska community to provide a program of study about the Constitution. In 2009, the location was Kearney where a Benjamin Franklin re-enactor brought the Constitution to life for elementary and high school classrooms. In 2010, "Alexander Hamilton" appeared in Norfolk in a first-person dialog with middle school students. The theme for these events has been "Founding Fathers."

This year, the Foundation and Supreme Court will deviate from the regular theme to feature a special guest who will appear at Northwest High School in Omaha. Jackie Nielsen, coordinator for the Law, Government, and International Diplomacy Academy at Northwest, is working with the Foundation and Supreme Court to coordinate the activity. As has been the practice with previous Constitution Day programs, a distance learning component to involve students at more than one location is planned.

Senator Robert Byrd is credited with proposing the 2004 legislation that created the annual Constitution Day commemoration, which is mandatory for schools that receive federal funding.


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