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News Use Pinboard Media Services to Share and Communicate

Use Pinboard Media Services to Share and Communicate reports that teachers are using social "pinboard" services like Pinterest and Learnist to communicate with students and other teachers. Such pinboards allow the collecting and organizing of content while surfing the Web. For example, you might "pin" to a board a collection of articles related to a lesson plan you are preparing. As you browse, you may find photos or other articles that you will want to pin to other boards to organize like content, save it, and even share it with others.

You could share boards with students to assist them in writing research papers. They will still have to conduct research, but you will have directed them toward sources you have determined to be reputable. The references may even include photos and artwork.

You will need to register in order to use a pinboard service. Registration is free but may require you to have a Facebook or Twitter account. Students who are old enough may establish their own Pinterest boards. Just be sure to read the terms of service before encouraging students to sign up.

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