Nebraska State Bar Foundation

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The Nebraska State Bar Foundation is dedicated to serving the citizens of Nebraska and the Legal Profession through the administration and funding of innovative and creative programs directed toward the improvement of the administration of justice and the fulfillment of the American vision of equal justice for all.
Foundation Information
  Board of Directors
PEOPLE Committee
  PEOPLE Committee
The purpose of the PEOPLE committee is to help judges, foundation members and volunteer personnel develop skills in public outreach, community collaboration, community leadership, and public service.

Foundation History

On November 20, 1963, the Nebraska State Bar Foundation was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization to serve as the philanthropic arm of the legal profession.

Seven men established this futuristic organization 40 years ago and it continues to give back to the legal profession and the community to benefit Nebraska's citizens.

Law-related education programs are funded and administered by the Bar Foundation that complement its goals.

Foundation Goals

  • To advance the science of jurisprudence;
  • To promote and improve the administration of justice;
  • To uphold high standards for the judiciary and lawyers;
  • To facilitate understanding of and compliance with the law;
  • To promote the study of the law, research therein, and the diffusion of knowledge thereof;
  • To cause to be published and to distribute addresses, reports, treatises and other literary works on legal subjects, and to acquire, preserve, and exhibit rare books and documents, objects of art, and items of historical interest having legal significance or bearing on the administration of justice;
  • To aid the charitable and welfare purposes of active practicing Nebraska lawyers and their families through the relief of the poverty of such lawyers and their families; and
  • To provide for, furnish or manage any building, lands or grounds relative to the administration of justice and the improvement of the service rendered to the public by the judiciary.
Foundation goals would not be accomplished without the generous support of numerous lawyers, judges, and other interested people who willingly provide financial support to the Bar Foundation. The various monetary resources help the Foundation fund a myriad of meritorious programs and projects. The Foundation's Fellows Program, Memorial Program, and Legacy of Liberty Program provide different avenues for individuals to contribute financial resources. Annually, revenue is derived for members who voluntarily give Contributing Dues ($25), Sustaining Dues ($75), or Enhanced Fellow Dues ($100). The Foundation is promoting its Legacy of Liberty Program to secure funds for future use.

These numerous giving opportunities are necessary to ensure that the Foundation completely fulfills its mission and has the ability to underwrite worthy projects and programs. The illustrious Roman L. Hruska Law Center generates rental income that is used to fund the Bar Foundation's numerous Law-Related Eduction programs. Donors receive a tax deduction on all gifts since the Foundation is exempt from Federal taxes as a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Law-Related Education