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Organization Committees PEOPLE Committee

Public Education Outreach Promoting Law & Equity Committee

PEOPLE Committee
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Media Resource Guide
  Media Resource Guide
Assists journalists covering the courts by providing news, background materials and helpful links about the Judicial Branch.

The purpose of the Public Education Outreach Promoting the Law & Equity (PEOPLE) committee is to help judges, foundation members and volunteer personnel develop skills in public outreach, community collaboration, community leadership, and public service.

The committee is structured to include equal numbers of attorneys and judges so they may work collaboratively to meet the educational needs of the public and each other.

Committee Composition

General Committee – This “master” committee would be responsible for providing guidance to the subcommittees and establishing overall goals. Each committee member would also be involved in one subcommittee.

LRE Programs Subcommittee
– This subcommittee would review the current programs including Mock Trial, We The People, Law Day Essay Contest and Job Shadowing, Constitution Day, Teen Parents & the Law, the Law & Learning newsletter, the Reaching the Age of Majority booklet, etc.

The subcommittee would also make recommendations to the Foundation Executive Committee and or Supreme Court for new programming opportunities that would further judicial outreach.

Media Subcommittee
– This subcommittee would develop materials for a spokesperson to communicate with the media; recruit lawyers statewide to act as spokespersons if necessary; educate members of the media (reporters and editors) and journalism classes (high school and post secondary) about the role of the judiciary.

The subcommittee would also consider a long-term goal of reviewing existing materials and developing informational materials for the media or other members of the public.

PEOPLE Committee Member Composition

  • Consider other interested members of the judiciary and Foundation;
  • Consider having a representative from the League of Women Voters;
  • Consider the pros and cons of having a member of the media or Press Association.

Goals – Bench and Foundation

  • To inform and educate the public about the legal/judicial system in a proactive manner (overall goal);
  • To educate members of the media about the legal process;
  • To build relationships with the media to encourage “fair” reporting on specific cases;
  • To offer regular training/seminars for members of the media;
  • To offer professional development for Nebraska teachers;
  • To provide LRE programs for teachers that will involve students in active learning about the legal system.

Law-Related Education