Nebraska State Bar Foundation

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Membership Types of Membership

Types of Membership

Contributions from each category are essential for carrying out the Foundation's mission of improving and promoting the advancement of jurisprudence. The Board of Directors acknowledges each member's charitable contribution and expresses its sincere gratitude. Your continued commitment is needed and greatly appreciated.

Distinguished Fellows

Distinguished Fellow status may be attained in a variety of ways. An individual may give Voluntary Enhanced Dues, establish a memorial in honor of a deceased family member, friend, or colleague, or leave a bequest to the Foundation. There are five distinct categories for the Distinguished Fellows: Diamond Fellows with a gift of $25,000, Platinum Fellows with a gift of $15,000, Gold Fellows with a gift of $10,000, Silver Fellows with a gift of $6,000, and Bronze Fellows with a gift of $3,500. Distinguished Fellows are essential to help the Foundation meet its goals. The Board of Directors commends all Distinguished Fellows for their commitment and generosity.

Lifetime Fellows

Listing of Lifetime Fellows
Lifetime Fellow status is achieved after a Fellow has completed his or her initial Foundation pledge. A Voluntary Enhanced Gift (a minimum of $100) is requested from Lifetime Fellows to help fund the various Law-Related Education programs administered by the Foundation. Voluntary Enhanced Dues assist a Fellow in becoming a Distinguished Fellow.

Provisional Fellows

Listing of Provisional Fellows
Fellows in the process of completing their Fellow Pledge are referred to as Provisional Fellows. The financial support from the Provisional Fellows helps underwrite the numerous LRE programs and activities sponsored by the Foundation. Once the final pledge is paid, the Provisional Fellow is then identified as a Lifetime Fellow. Some Provisional Fellows give Contributing Dues to the Foundation in addition to their pledge. This is a gift above the Fellow’s pledge commitment.

Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members are lawyers who donate a gift of $100 to the Foundation. Annually, lawyers have the opportunity to be recognized as a Foundation Sustaining member. By making a check payable to the Bar Foundation or by marking the Sustaining member box on the Foundation Dues section of the NSBA Dues statement, a lawyer will become a Sustaining Member of the Foundation. The $100 gift is divided two ways: $25 is applied to the current year’s Contributing Dues and $75 is applied toward the lawyer's pledge when he or she is nominated as a Fellow. The Foundation thanks and acknowledges the donors by presenting a Sustaining Donor Certificate.

Contributing Members

Essential to the Foundation’s financial base are the Contributing Members. Lawyers who donate $25 to the Foundation assist in sponsoring the various Law-Related Education programs and activities. The Foundation encourages all lawyers annually to voluntarily contribute a gift as one way to give back to the legal profession. An attorney may attain the Contributing Member designation by giving $25 directly to the Bar Foundation or checking the Voluntary Contributing Dues box on the NSBA Dues Statement. The Foundation gives all contributors a Contributing Certificate as a token of appreciation. The Bar Foundation Board gratefully thanks the following individuals who have generously donated financial resources to ensure the success of its Law-Related Education programs.

Law-Related Education