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Endowments Wright Fund

Flavel A. Wright Fund for the Study of Constitutional Law

Wright Fund logoFlavel A. WrightOn the occasion of his 91st birthday, Flavel A. Wright was honored by his son, attorney William F. (Bill) Wright, through the establishment of a Nebraska State Bar Foundation fund dedicated to the study of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Known as “Flav” to his fellow lawyers, the senior Mr. Wright was the Bar Foundation’s first president, serving from 1963-1968.

The gift of more than $225,000 has been used to create a permanent endowment that will promote the study of the Bill of Rights by students in grades four through six and the study of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in grades seven through twelve. Scholarships may be awarded to individual students who excel in the study of either or both of these two founding documents of our nation.

Other scholarships may be given to Nebraska residents who are full-time students at accredited four-year institutions of higher learning located in Nebraska and who will be engaged in special research or writing projects involving the Bill of Rights or constitutional law. Stipends may also be awarded to Nebraska based teachers to defray tuition and expenses in attending programs or institutes to study the Bill of Rights and constitutional law curriculum for presentation to students in Nebraska schools.

Mr. Wright passed away on September 30, 2004, and the Bar Foundation will do all within its power to respectfully honor his memory through the Flavel A. Wright Fund for the Study of Constitutional Law.

If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please visit the Giving page.

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