Why Mock Trial?

Why should your child participate in Mock Trial as an extracurricular? Just like playing in a sport or being involved in drama, Mock Trial is a great academic extracurricular for high school students.

How does Mock Trial work? Each year a fictional case packet is written by a group of volunteers. The case alternates between a civil and a criminal case. Teams put together both a prosecution/plaintiff case and a defense case.

Nebraska teams compete against each other regionally in October and November. Twelve teams advance to state finals in early December.

1. Public Speaking Skills
Students leave Mock Trial with confidence in public speaking skills including learning to look others in the eye when talking and how to assuredly shake someone's hand. Mock Trial enforces these skills.  

2. Problem Solving
Mock Trial helps students gain analytical skills by evaluating cases and facts. Students learn to build effective arguments and how to respond to questions quickly and articulately.

3. Teamwork
Mock trial is a team sport and each team member has an essential role: either lawyer or witness. Students, along with their attorney coach and teacher coach, spend hours preparing a strategy, practicing their part and learning about the legal system.

4. Sportsmanship
Lastly, Mock Trial teaches professionalism and sportsmanship. They learn to win and lose with dignity and respect.

Mock Trial is great for students interested in law school and those who aren't. Students learn to present themselves with confidence in whatever career they pursue.

Mock Trial Students