K-2 Grade Activities

While a Civics education is part of every academic year, it is especially important this year with our upcoming presidential election. Even children as young as two can grasp the idea of voting. Election Day is a great opportunity to help children understand how our country works. How do you start? With a conversation!

For in-person learning, have your students vote on what they want to do at recess: play kickball or play on the playground. For distance learners or homeschoolers, try having a family vote about something that impacts your family's day. For example: vote about what book to read before bedtime, what board game to play after dinner or a movie to watch on Friday night.

The harder lesson comes in after the voting: teaching children about respectful disagreement. Children need to know that it is ok to disagree, whether with a classmate, a sibling or a parent but they also need to learn to listen to other people's ideas with respect. 

Parents: Having kids join you in the voting process is the best way to teach them. All 50 states allow children to join their parents at the polls and in the voting booth. And don't forget that selfie afterwards so that you can show them later in in life that they were there when you voted!

Election Booth
What better way to teaching about the importance of voting than bringing your child into the voting booth!