Nebraska State Bar Foundation Goals

  • To advance the science of jurisprudence;
  • To promote and improve the administration of justice;
  • To uphold the high standards for the judiciary and lawyers;
  • To facilitate understanding of and compliance with the law, and to promote the study of law, research therein, and the diffusion of knowledge thereof;
  • To cause to be published and distribute addresses, reports, treatises and other literary works on legal subjects, and to acquire, preserve, and exhibit rare books and documents, objects of art, and items of historical interest having legal significance on the bearing of the administration of justice;
  • To aid the charitable and welfare purposes of active practicing Nebraska lawyers and their families through the relief of the poverty of such lawyers and their families;
  • Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 21-1927(b), to provide for erecting, owning, leasing, furnishing or managing any building, lands or grounds for the use or benefit in whole or in part of the State of Nebraska for administration of justice and the improvement of the service rendered to the public by the judiciary;
  • To do and perform all acts and things which are legitimate and are reasonably calculated to promote interests and carry out the purposes of the organization.

The Nebraska State Bar Foundation’s goals are accomplished through the generous support of lawyers, judges and other interested people who willingly provide financial support to the Bar Foundation. These monetary resources help the Foundation fund its educational programs and support its philanthropic endeavors.

A question and answer session following Supreme Court Oral Arguments at Schuyler High School