Girl Scout Information

Whether you are a Daisy, a Brownie, a Junior, a Cadette, a Senior or an Ambassador-we have Civics activities for you to earn badges! 
Click on your Girl Scout Level to access the activities.

  • Daisy: Democracy for Daisies
  • Brownie: Democracy for Brownies
  • Junior: Inside Government and Democracy for Juniors
  • Cadette: Finding Common Ground and Democracy for Cadettes
  • Senior: Behind the Ballot and Democracy for Seniors
  • Ambassador: Public Policy and Democracy for Ambassadors

Girl Scouts may also vote in the Kids Voting-Nebraska election. The Nebraska State Bar Foundation will have an opportunity for all kids pre-K through 12th grade to go to our website and vote in the US 2020 Presidential election. Starting on October 5th, students can visit our site at any time and vote. Additionally, the NSBF will mail your students "I Voted" stickers for them to wear. Click here to get stickers.

I Voted sticker
I Voted stickers for students to proudly wear that they voted.