In Remembrance

Memorial gifts to the Nebraska State Bar Foundation provide a meaningful way to honor the memory of a family member, friend, or colleague who has passed away, particularly if they were a lawyer. These memorial gifts serve a twofold purpose: to celebrate the life and contributions of the deceased and to support the Foundation's mission of strengthening the administration of justice in Nebraska. Here is more information about making memorial gifts to the Nebraska State Bar Foundation:

  1. Unique and Meaningful Tribute: Making a memorial gift to the Bar Foundation is a unique and meaningful way to celebrate the life and legacy of a lawyer or family member who has passed away. It allows donors to pay tribute to their memory by contributing to a cause that aligns with the Foundation's mission.
  2. Supporting Justice Administration: Memorial gifts help further the Foundation's mission of strengthening the administration of legal education¬†in Nebraska. By directing these gifts toward the Foundation, donors contribute to initiatives and programs that promote justice and legal education.
  3. Designating a Gift: Donors have the option to designate their memorial gift for a specific program or endowment. This can be discussed with the Foundation's Executive Director, allowing donors to ensure their contribution aligns with their intentions and the areas of legal education they wish to support.
  4. Welcome Gifts of All Amounts: The Foundation welcomes memorial gifts of all amounts. Donors can make contributions that are suitable for their circumstances, making it accessible for those who wish to contribute in memory of a loved one.
  5. Recognition: The Foundation acknowledges both the donor and the family of the individual being honored through the memorial gift. The names of the donor and the person being remembered are listed on our website, providing a lasting recognition of the tribute.

Memorial gifts to the Nebraska State Bar Foundation can be sent to the following address:

Nebraska State Bar Foundation

P.O. Box 95103

Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5103

These memorial gifts not only celebrate the lives of those who have passed away but also contribute to the Foundation's ongoing efforts to promote legal education in Nebraska.


William Wright - Flav Wright Fund

Thank you to all those who donated in his name.

  • Ron Fowler
  • Robert Nefsky
  • Ane Shields
  • Michelle Demaree
  • Corin Lane
  • Pamela Lanier
  • Elizaeth Case
  • Koley Jessen Firm
  • Lawrence Ladove
  • Sherry Shriver
  • Mary Gaylord
  • Ayn Loomis
  • Ruthann Young
  • St. Patrick Catholic School - Elkhorn, NE
  • Michele Bernique

Charlie Wright - Standing Bear Scholarship Fund
Thank you to all those who donated in his name.

  • Kile and Cuz Johnson
  • Doug and Mary Campbell
  • Bill and Dorothy Kuester
  • Sue Lawlor
  • Art and Rosemary Dobson
  • Bob and Barbara Bartle
  • Tom and Cynthia Fitchett
  • Bryan and Karin Van Duen
  • Michele Harvey
  • Tony and Tamara Rager
  • Michael Mueller
  • Bob and Mary Nefsky
  • Allen and Virginia Overcash
  • John and Carol Gale
  • William Hodder
  • Martin and Ruth Massengale
  • Pam Carrier
  • William Browne Jr.
  • Ed and Sue Tricker
  • Mike Hemmer
  • Dr. Gregg Wright
  • Barbara and Con Keating
  • Karen Griffin
  • Judy Wilcox
  • Sara and Scott Keene
  • Battey Family Fund (Kansas City Community Foundation)
  • Carl and Mary Novak
  • Richard Garden, Jr.
  • Richard and Marcia Prasch
  • Joseph and Cheryl Collins
  • Thomas and Anne Morrow
  • Clifford and Marcia Hollestelle
  • Barbara Schliesser
  • Timothy and Judith Thietje
  • Bruce and Janet Cutshall
  • Vicki and John Huff
  • Terry Sibbernsen
  • Kate Quinn Martz


Hon. Ben Novicoff - Gross Fund