Board of Directors and Officers

The Board of Directors manages the corporate matters of the Nebraska State Bar Foundation. The geographical regions of the State of Nebraska are considered when directors are elected to ensure diverse representation.

The Board is comprised of 15 directors who are elected by the Foundation members and five directors appointed by the Nebraska State Bar Association's House of Delegates. Following the Foundation Bylaws, past presidents of the Foundation are ex-officio voting members of the Board. Additionally, three directors serve as ex-officio members because of their positions in the Nebraska State Bar Association: the president, the president-elect, and the Young Lawyers Section president.

The programs and activities of the Foundation are administered and implemented by the Foundation's executive director as determined by the Foundation's Board of Directors and its Executive Committee.

2020-2021 Officers

  • President, Robert D. Mullin, Jr., Omaha
  • Vice President, Steven G. Seglin, Lincoln
  • Secretary, Cathleen H. Allen, Grand Island
  • Treasurer, Sharon R. Kresha, Omaha
  • Assistant Treasurer, Steven S. Gealy, Lincoln

Board Members

  • Hon. Joseph F. Bataillon, Omaha
  • Patricia J. Bramhall, Papillion
  • Michael T. Brogan, Norfolk
  • Renee A. Eveland, Lincoln
  • Thomas B. Fischer, Omaha
  • ♦Stanley C. Goodwin, McCook
  • ♦Charles F. Gotch, Omaha
  • ♦Steven E. Guenzel, Lincoln
  • ♦Deryl F. Hamann, Omaha
  • Stephanie R. Hupp, Lincoln
  • ♦Kile W. Johnson, Lincoln
  • Stephen W. Kay, North Platte
  • ♦Richard A. Knudsen, Lincoln
  • Susan Ann Koenig, Omaha
  • Ronald F. Krause, Omaha
  • Thomas M. Locher, Omaha
  • Anita L. Mayo, Omaha
  • Melany S. O’Brien, Omaha
  • Kathryn A. Olson, Lincoln
  • Jerald L. Ostdiek, Scottsbluff
  • Forrest F. Peetz, O’Neill
  • ♦Gary W. Radil, Omaha
  • Julie Shipman-Burns, Lincoln
  • Galen E. Stehlik, Grand Island

Ex-Officio Members

  • Pierce Fiala, Hastings
  • Jason Grams, Omaha
  • William J. Mueller, Lincoln

♦Lifetime Board Members and Past Presidents