Distinguished Fellows

Distinguished Fellows make it possible for the Bar Foundation to meet its goals. Distinguished Fellow status is attained in a variety of ways, including a gift through Voluntary Enhanced Dues. An individual also may leave a gift to the Foundation or may establish a memorial in honor of a deceased family member, friend or colleague. Under the Distinguished Fellow category are five levels of giving: Diamond, gifts totaling $25,000; Platinum, gifts totaling $15,000; Gold, gifts totaling $10,000; Silver, gifts totaling $6,000; and Bronze, gifts totaling $3,500. The Foundation Board of Directors commends Distinguished Fellows for their commitment and generosity.


Bronze Fellows
Bronze Fellows-$3500
Cathleen H. Allen
Ralph M. Anderson, Jr.
Hon. C. Arlen Beam
Kelvin C. Berens
*Claude E. Berreckman, Sr.
Claude E. Berreckman, Jr.
John C. Brownrigg
*Clayton D. Byam
James A. Cada
Pam Hastings Carrier
Hon. John A. Colborn
Charlotte Jean Conner
Harold J. Daub, Jr.
John W. Delehant
David B. Downing
*Kenneth H. Elson
Irving B. Epstein
Keith I. Frederick
John H. Fullenkamp
Stephen S. Gealy
Stanley C. Goodwin
*J. Taylor Greer
Steven E. Guenzel
Richard L. Halbert
Camille R. Hawk
*Hon. Jack H. Hendrix
James W. Hewitt
Barbara L. Hosford
Silver Fellows-$6000
*Duane W. Acklie
*John H. Binning
Thomas E. Brogan
*James W.R. Brown
*Vincent D. Brown
Dennis W. Collins
*C.J. Gatz
Chief Justice Mike Heavican
*Lynn D. Hutton, Jr.
Theodore L. Kessner
*Lloyd L. Pospishil
Julie A. Shipman-Burns
Gold Fellows-$10,000
Thomas B. Fischer
*Hon. William C. Hastings
*Hans J. Holtoft
*Harold W. Kay
*Otto Kotouc, Jr.
John F. Kotouc
Robert D. Mullin, Jr.
*Robert G. Scoville
*Robert M. Spire
Hon. Lyle E. Strom
*Otto H. Wellensiek
Robert V. Dwyer


Platinum Fellows-$15,000
*Alfred G. Ellick
Kile W. Johnson


Diamond Fellow-$25,000

*Milton R. Abrahams

*Wilber S. Aten
*Robert H. Berkshire
*Thomas M. Davies
*Daniel J. Gross
Deryl F. Hamann
*Sen. Roman L. Hruska
*Daniel D. Jewell
John F. Kotouc
Hon. Ben Novicoff
Allen L. Overcash
Gary W. Radil
*Marvin G. Schmid
Charles V. Sederstrom
*George E. Svoboda
*Governor Charles Thone
*H. Laurens Williams III
Charles E. Wright
William F. Wright

* Deceased