Kids Voting-Nebraska ABC

One way Americans participate in our democracy is by voting.

The Nebraska State Bar Foundation is offering a new Civics Education program, Kids Voting- Nebraska ABC. In Nebraska, 63% of the eligible voting population turned out to vote in 2016, which is above the national average, but the Foundation hopes to improve that number by starting with our kids.

Kids Voting offers nonpartisan lessons, resources, educational tools and hands-on activities.

Kids Voting is adaptabled for in-person learning, distance learning or homeschooling.

The objectives of this educational program are to create lifelong voting habits in children, to increase family communication about citizenship and increase voter turnout.

The five key components are:

  • Curricula for K-12 students
  • Mock election processes by paper ballots or electronic voting
  • Activities to involve families
  • Educator support and resources
  • Research on impact and effectiveness


Kids Voting

Why use KidsVoting in your classroom?

  • It is a FREE resource for districts, schools and teachers.
  • There is no cost for schools to participate.
  • The curriculum associated with KidsVoting is written for national standards.

For the Online Voting Option

  • It is simple to use; all you need is a computer.
  • Schools can be part of a multi-school election, even a state-wide election.
  • Teachers can view their schools' results and share them.
  • KidsVoting can be used in large general elections but also as a tool for student council voting or other school elections.
  • All voting is anonymous. If preferred, kids are assigned a Voter ID.

The Bar Foundation’s Kids Voting Program is an affiliate of KidsVoting USA, a program administered by the Arizona Bar Foundation.

For more information email Mary Monahan at mary [at]

"I Voted" sticker
Your students can proudly show that they voted!