Fellows Giving

The Nebraska State Bar Foundation Fellows play a pivotal role in providing essential financial support to the foundation. Here's how the Fellows program operates and the process for becoming a Fellow:

Fellows Program Overview:

  • The Fellows program is a cornerstone of financial support for the Nebraska State Bar Foundation.
  • Annually, a new class of 30 Fellows is inducted into the program.
  • These new Fellows commit to providing financial support over a designated number of years to the foundation.
  • Once they fulfill their financial pledges, Fellows can continue to support the foundation through various avenues.

Types of Fellows:

  • Many Fellows choose to pay Voluntary Enhanced Fellow Dues (with a minimum of $100) on an annual basis.
  • Others, through additional financial gifts, may achieve the status of Distinguished Fellow within the program.

Tax-Deductible Contributions:

  • Contributions made to the Nebraska State Bar Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization, are tax-deductible as allowed by law. This means that your contributions can potentially provide tax benefits.

Becoming a Fellow:

  • Being nominated as a Foundation Fellow is a prestigious honor, and it's a distinction granted to 30 lawyers annually.
  • The Foundation Fellows themselves have the privilege of nominating the new class of Fellows.
  • The Fellows Selection Committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations to the Foundation Board of Directors for a final decision.

Selection Criteria:

Selection to become a Fellow is based on several criteria, including:

  • The individual's integrity and character.
  • The extent to which the individual has achieved distinction in the legal profession or within their community.
  • The extent to which the individual has contributed to the legal profession or to their community.
  • The extent to which the individual has contributed to the Nebraska State Bar Foundation.

Geographical Representation:

Geographical representation is also taken into account to ensure a diverse and inclusive group of Fellows.


  • At the Fellows Dinner, the new Fellows Class is formally inducted into the Foundation.
  • Each Fellow commits to making a gift of $2,500 to the Foundation, which can be paid in a lump sum or as $500 annually for five years.
  • Alternatively, a Fellow may choose to commit to a $3,000 pledge, payable over 10 years at $300 per year.
  • Fellows also have the option to fulfill their pledges by giving stock to the Foundation.

Payment Methods:

Visa and Mastercard payments are accepted through PayPal for convenience and security.

Becoming a Fellow is not only a prestigious honor but also a commitment to supporting the legal community and the important work of the Nebraska State Bar Foundation. It provides a way for lawyers to contribute to the betterment of the legal profession and the community it serves.

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