9-12 Grade Activities

While a Civics education is part of every academic year, it is especially important this year with our upcoming presidential election. 

In today’s world, informed voting and voter rights are incredibly important. To ensure that our young adults enter the voting world with confidence they need to be well-informed and well-educated.

Older kids and young adults can learn a lot about elections at a legislative session or a city council meeting. If you are near Lincoln, Nebraska tour the State Capitol building or attend a session (check to find out Covid-19 restrictions). Most city councils meetings are open to the public, whether in-person or online.

The youngest voters, aged 18-29, are the least likely to vote compared to the older voters. Education and schools can play a critical role in closing this gap.

One of the most effective ways to teach students about voting is to show juniors and seniors the forms and the process for registering to vote. If you have children of voting age in your class or at home, encourage them to register to vote and on Election Day, encourage them to vote!



Teaching high school students about voting now helps to make lifetime voters!