Standing Bear Scholarship

The Nebraska Bar Foundation's Standing Bear Scholarship is a scholarship program designed to support Native American students pursuing a legal education at the University of Nebraska College of Law. 

Founders and Purpose: The Standing Bear Scholarship Fund was established by Foundation Fellow Charlie Wright and his wife, Suzy, and Fellow Allen Overcash and his wife, Ginny. The primary purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to Native American students and honor the legacy of Chief Standing Bear.

Chief Standing Bear: The scholarship is named after Chief Standing Bear, a prominent Ponca leader who played a crucial role in the legal history of the United States. His efforts to assert the basic human rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, particularly during the famous Standing Bear v. Crook case, serve as an inspiration for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for the Standing Bear Scholarship, applicants must meet specific eligibility requirements. These typically include:

  • Membership in a federally recognized Native American tribe.
  • Meeting the resident tuition requirements set by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents.
  • Possession of an undergraduate degree.
  • Admission as a full-time student at the University of Nebraska College of Law.

Educational Support: Recipients of the scholarship are expected to pursue a prescribed course of study, culminating in their graduation from the University of Nebraska College of Law. Beyond academics, they are encouraged to use their legal education to address issues of significance to their heritage and develop leadership skills.

Mentorship: Distinguished members of the legal community are involved in mentoring scholarship recipients. This mentorship program offers guidance and support, helping students navigate their legal education and future careers effectively.

Donations and Legacy: The scholarship fund relies on donations to sustain its mission. Donors who wish to contribute to the scholarship fund can do so through the Nebraska Bar Foundation. These donations help carry forward the legacy of Chief Standing Bear and his commitment to basic human rights.

Success Stories: The scholarship has a history of successful recipients who have gone on to make a positive impact in the legal field and their communities. Past recipients include Kate (Quinn) Martz, attorney at Baylor Evnen, Lincoln; the Hon. Andrea Miller, Scottsbluff, District Court Judge, 12th Judicial District; and Jennifer Bear Eagle, in-house counsel for the Oglala Sioux Tribe Legal Department, Pine Ridge, South Dakota. . 

The Nebraska Bar Foundation's Standing Bear Scholarship is a significant initiative aimed at supporting Native American students in their pursuit of a legal education. By honoring the legacy of Chief Standing Bear and his advocacy for basic human rights, this scholarship fund seeks to empower the next generation of Native American legal professionals and leaders.

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Standing Bear Statue
Standing Bear Statue in Lincoln, NE