Foundation Fellows

As a charitable organization, the Nebraska State Bar Foundation depends on philanthropic gifts. The giving categories are Distinguished Fellows, Lifetime Fellows and Provisional Fellows. Gifts from generous donors in each category are necessary for the Foundation to carry out its mission and achieve its goals. The Bar Foundation acknowledges the individuals by listing each name in the respective giving category. The Foundation greatly appreciates the financial support of its generous donors. 

Selection to become a Fellow of the Nebraska State Bar Foundation is a prestigious honor bestowed annually on 30 lawyers. Current Foundation Fellows have the privilege of nominating the new class of Fellows. The Fellows Selection Committee reviews all nominations and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for a final decision. Selection is based on the following criteria: Integrity and character; distinction in the profession or community; contribution to the profession or the community; and contribution to the Nebraska State Bar Foundation. The Selection Committee also considers geographic representation.

Each Fellow pledges a gift of $2,500 to the Foundation to be paid in one sum or $500 a year for five years. As an alternative, a Fellow may commit to a $3,000 pledge paid over 10 years at $300 a year. Fellows often choose to pay their pledges by giving stock to the Bar Foundation.

2019 Class of Fellows
2019 Fellows who attended the 32nd Annual Fellows Dinner