Mock Trial Program

Each year more than 1,000 students and teachers from schools across Nebraska take part in the Judge Lyle Strom High School Mock Trial Program. Additionally, more than 400 legal professionals volunteer as coaches and judges.

A group of Nebraska attorneys research and author an original case each year. The Case Committee is led by the Hon. Karen Flowers, retired (Lincoln), who serves as Chair, and Stephanie Hupp (Lincoln), who serves as Vice Chair. Members included Stan Beeder (Lincoln), Kristi Egger (Lincoln), Michael Gooch (Omaha), Mark Richardson (Lincoln), Cameron Guenzel (Lincoln) and Bill Austin (Lincoln).

Magistrate Judge Susan Bazis serves as the Mock Trial Committee Chair.

Cases alternate between criminal and civil suits each year. 

Watch the Mock Trial Championship Round between Duchesne and Creighton Prep via the Zoom recording. 
Mock Trial Championship Round 2020

2010 State Mock Trial Champions

Kudos to all the Mock Trial participants, the teacher and attorney coaches, and all the parents for your support this year! The teams did a fabulous job. The trials were very close with split ballots.

Now, what you are all waiting for - which teams advanced to the Championship Round: 761 vs. 863-Congratulations!

**The 2022 National High School Mock Trial Championship in Kalamazoo, Michigan will be held virtually.

2021 Mock Trial Forms

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Case Related Forms:

2021 Code of Ethical Conduct
Official Team Roster Form (Paper for In-Person)
Official Team Roster Form (Link for Virtual)

Virtual Rules
In-Person Rules

Dispute Resolution Form (Inside the Bar)
Dispute Resolution Form (Outside the Bar)
Gross Rule Violation Form

Suggestion Form
Online Suggestion Form

Volunteer Judge Forms
Presiding Judge Score Sheet (paper)
Presiding Judge Score Sheet (electronic)
Performance Judge Score Sheet (paper)
Performance Judge Score Sheet (electronic)
Optional Feedback Form (In-Person Judging)

Time Keeping Information
Timekeepers' Responsibilities and Instructions
Timekeeping Timesheet
Time Card Chart
Large Time Cards
Small Time Cards

Best Attorney and Witness Certificates

Best Attorney and Witness Certificates (for In-Person)


The updated region map for Mock Trial
The updated region map for Mock Trial

Coordinators & Regions
Region 1: Honorable Leo Dobrovolny and Honorable Kristen D. Mickey
Region 2: Honorable Frankie J. Moore and Lindsay Pedersen
Region 3: Honorable Anne M. Paine, Deb League and Kathy Woodmancy
Region 4: Honorable Mark D. Kozisek and Mike S. Borders
Region 5: Honorable John E. Rademacher, Coy Clark, Amy Skalka and Katie Doering
Region 6: Honorable Donna Farrell Taylor
Region 7: Honorable James C. Stecker
Region 8: Honorable Jodi L. Nelson
Region 9: Honorable Robert B. O'Neal, Honorable Julie D. Smith and Kelly Werts
Region 10: Honorable Thomas K. Harmon

Group of high schoolers at Mock Trial

Nebraska has a history of a strong showing at National Mock Trial. 

1984-National Champion: Nebraska · Ogallala High School

2013-3rd Place: Skutt Catholic High School (Undefeated following four rounds of competition)

2015-National Champion: Nebraska · Duchesne Academy

2016-2nd Place: Nebraska · Duchesne Academy

2019-2nd Place: Nebraska · Creighton Prep

Nebraska's Creighton Prep takes second place at Nationals in 2019.
Nebraska's Creighton Prep takes second place at Nationals in 2019.

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