Juror Orientation Video

The "Juror Orientation" video is intended to assist in informing jury members on courtroom procedures and responsibilities when sitting on a jury. 

Former Nebraska Governor Charles Thone said, "It is our hope that potential jury members who see this video will have a greater understanding of procedures followed by judges and prosecution and defense attorneys. The video is also intended to give each member of a jury panel a better understanding of her or his duties and responsibilities in the courtroom, while in recess and during verdict deliberations."

The filming of the video was done in the courtroom of Nebraska District Judge-Jeffre Cheuvront of Lincoln, NE. Senior United States District Judge Warren Urbom presided behind the bench for the filming.

More than 20 volunteers filled the roles of members of the jury panel, bailiff, court reporter, witnesses and assistant attorneys. Three professional actors were used in the making of the video, acting as narrator and prosecution and defense attorneys. The narrator of the video is Philip Heckman, the former President both Doane College and the Lincoln Foundation.