2023 Fellows Dinner Celebration

The Bar Foundation celebrated its 60th anniversary at the Annual Fellows Dinner on Saturday, March 4, 2023 at the Museum of American Speed. The Master of Ceremonies was president, Steve Seglin.

Three awards were given to current Fellows, 30 new Fellows were inducted into the Foundation and Lifetime Fellows were announced.

Fellows who are nominated are known for:

  • Their integrity and character
  • Their distinction in the profession or community
  • Their contributions to the profession or the community and
  • Their contribution to the Bar Foundation

Once a Fellow has completed his or her pledge, they achieve the status of Lifetime Fellow. We are grateful for all of our Foundation Fellows.

The new Lifetime Fellows are:

  • Joel Carlson
  • Hon. Alfred Corey III
  • Edward Morse
  • Shaylene Smith and
  • Tim Stuart
  • Matthew Hammes (Bronze)
  • John Lenich (Bronze)
  • Tim Stuart (Bronze)
  • Curt Bromm (Silver)
  • Stan Goodwin (Silver)
  • Julie Shipman-Burns (Platinum)
  • Kile Johnson (Diamond)
  • Robert Mullin, Jr. (Diamond)

Pat Cooper was awarded the Distinguished Service Award. The Foundation’s Distinguished Service Award recognizes a lawyer’s service to the legal profession. The Public Service Award was given to Patty Pansing Brooks. This award recognizes a lawyer who has been or is in the employ of local, state or federal government in Nebraska, or a Nebraska lawyer in government employment outside the state whose performance is deserving of recognition. The final award of the night, the Legal Pioneer Award, was given to Judge Jim Doyle. He was honored for identifying and resolving a barrier to justice.



Fellows at the 2023 Fellows Dinner
Fellows at the 2023 Fellows Dinner
Foundation Fellows