Nebraska State Bar Foundation Launches Redesigned Website for Legal Profession and the Public

Lincoln, Neb. (April 4, 2019) – The Nebraska State Bar Foundation has launched a redesigned website that is easy to use and a valuable resource for the legal community and the public.

The website can be accessed at The website is responsive and designed to work with a range of devices from mobile to tablet to desktop.

“The redesigned website clearly highlights our mission to strengthen the legal system in Nebraska and to serve as a resource for Law-Related Education programs for schools and communities statewide,” said Steve Guenzel of Lincoln, president of the Bar Foundation.

“Users can quickly access information about our many Law-Related Education programs for the public, such as Law Day Celebrations, Job Shadowing for Fifth Graders and the Judge Lyle Strom High School Mock Trial program with its Mock Trial Student News Reporter Contest. Also available on the website is information about the We the People program, High School and College Outreach for Oral Arguments and Constitution Day Outreach for Students.

“In addition, the Bench Media tab provides helpful resources about the judicial system for members of the news media. On some pages, links are provided on some pages to additional resources. Links also are provided to forms that can be filled out and submitted online,” Guenzel said.

Headquartered in Lincoln, the Bar Foundation is dedicated to serving the citizens of Nebraska and the legal profession through innovative programs directed at strengthening the administration of justice and fulfilling the American vision of equal justice for all.

The new website features eight main tabs and a home page that displays photos and news stories of its most recent events. The main tabs lead to information about Organization, Foundation Fellows, Law-Related Education, Bench Media, Jewell Trial Institute, Standing Bear Scholarship, Endowments and Giving.

Of interest to the public are the Law-Related Education and Bench Media tabs. Of interest to the legal profession are the Foundation Fellows tab that acknowledges Fellows who support the Foundation through financial pledges and volunteer support as well as the Jewell Trial Institute tab that features information about the annual Jewell Trial Institute for lawyers seeking additional trial experience.

The Endowments tab highlights the named endowments that are directed toward specific programs administered by the Bar Foundation. 

“We are proud of our forward-looking Foundation and the many volunteers who support our endeavors through their time and money,” Guenzel said. “We are also proud of the numerous educational programs we offer to help young people learn about the legal system in Nebraska, including the judiciary.”  

The Nebraska State Bar Foundation was incorporated in 1963 as a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization to serve as the philanthropic arm of Nebraska’s legal profession.